Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sheet Skirt

I can't remember when I made this skirt. It's been at least a year ago, maybe two. It's been in the Bug's drawer but she hasn't given it a second look until for some reason a few days ago she came downstairs wearing it and it's been in constant, almost every other day, rotation since.  She pairs it with the most random shirts and I kind of love it.
It's a simple elastic casing waistband which I created to have a slight paper bag effect.
The fabric is a vintage sheet I picked up at a thrift store somewhere. It has the softest most amazing feel to it.  I went the super easy route and used the wide sheet hem as the skirt hem. Hooray for easy!!  I felt like the sheet on it's own was cute but a little blah so I put this band of wide ribbon around the bottom. I wasn't sure about it at first but now I am in love.  It adds just the right amount of "quirk".
I used the full width of the sheet which makes it extra spectacularly spinny--which I'm sure is the reason she loves it.
I'm glad this skirt is finally getting some air time with her. It's such a nice breezy summer skirt. It should fit for awhile yet, which is the glory of a simple elastic waist... just so she doesn't go getting too tall. . .


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