Monday, September 9, 2013

Penny Peplum Jacket Pattern Test

I was thrilled at the opportunity to test the new Penny Peplum Jacket Pattern for Peek a Boo Patterns.
I love Peek a Boo Patterns. They are such simple, classic clothes... the practical items every kid needs in their wardrobe. The instructions are always clear and step by step photos help clarify even more if you have questions.
 Part of the reason I was so excited to pattern test is that I'd just gotten some new knits from Girl Charlee. Have you heard of them? They have an amazing selection of cute, unique knits (which can be so hard to find in stores).  This bunny print was an instant favorite of mine. The Bug wasn't sold on it so I only ordered a yard which meant I had to make do for this pattern which calls for 1 1/4 yard for the size 6. I threw in this grey stripe I found on clearance at JoAnns as a cute accent.
I've been sewing with knits more and more lately. Chalk it up to a kiddo who pretty much lives in tee shirts and leggings.  You don't have to have a serger to sew knit you know. I don't. Sure, I covet one, but the basic stretch stitch on my machine does just fine.
I love the back view of this jacket with the hood lining poking out and cute little peplum skirt. It dresses up an otherwise basic little jacket.
This is her thinker pose.
Actually it's more like, "When the heck is Mom going to be done taking pictures of me? I am so sick of this."
I am a little less fond of the front view.  I think it has to do with the choice of the striped fabric for the button placket. It's a bit jarring to me.  I unfortunately didn't have enough of the rabbit fabric to make the placket in, but I think that would have been better.

I do love the grey buttons though.
I had to go to JoAnn's for buttons for the first time in a long time. Grandma's button jar is awesome but when it comes to finding four identical buttons of a certain size?? Well, that would just be an exercise in frustration.
Can you believe we found fallen leaves on our photo shoot? Enough to toss in the air? I'm not sure I can handle the thought of Fall's approach. . . even less so, brrr..., Winter! But I suppose the Bug is ready for cooler temps now that she has this sweet little jacket.
In the interest of full disclosure, these photos were taken in 80 degree temperatures. There may be leaves on the ground but Summer isn't going down without a fight! God bless you Summer! I love you for that.

Also, I mentioned the Bug wasn't a fan of the bunnies? Well, she doesn't like them any more now that they are sewn into a cute jacket. I thought she might but I should have known better.  I had to bribe her with the Golden Arches to get these photos and the jacket has been sent off to a friend whose daughters will love and wear it as it deserves to be loved and worn.

Fabric choices aside, The Penny Peplum Jacket is a cute addition to your child's Fall wardrobe. It is well worth picking up a copy of the pattern.  Just make sure and let your kiddo pick their own fabric.



  1. PURPLE BUNNIES! What is wrong with my mini me that she didn't love it immediately?

    1. I even used the, "Aunt Michelle would love this." angle. No go. There is something not quite right about this child of mine. ;)