Saturday, September 14, 2013

Slouchy Cardigan

I'm not a fan of Fall. Mostly not because of anything Fall ever did to me, just because she is the predecessor to all that is evil in weather conditions... Winter.

However, I cannot deny there is a chill in the air here lately, especially in the mornings.
The Bug is not a fan of jackets but cardigans on the other hand. . . she loves. Go figure.
Please, someone, if you understand this child and her whims. . . help this Momma out!

At any rate, it's given me an excuse to try out some patterns I have on hand. This one, the Slouchy Cardigan by Heidi & Finn I purchased as soon as it was available. I tried to get in on the pattern test even, I wanted it that much.
This little cardigan is so stylish and so easy to wear. Despite the sullen look on her face, she loves this.  She's worn it nearly every day since I made it.
I want one for myself.

I made it out of a fairly thin sweater knit from my stash. I ordered it from back in August and it looks like they are no longer carrying it. Bummer! The color of it is absolutely perfect. It's the Bug's favorite shade at the moment so it goes with all of her favorite outfits. (Including this $5 butterfly dress from H&M.... cute AND cheap!)
The back drapes just perfectly over her cute little bum and she kind of resembles the most adorable little old granny (in the best possible way) when she wears it.

This cardigan was not difficult to sew but it wasn't really a beginner project either. The lightweight of the knit I chose certainly added to the difficulty, as did my tendency to race ahead without reading the instructions just ASSUMING I know what's next. Yep. I made it harder than it needed to be. But it still turned out smashingly so I'm declaring it foolproof. 
Finally, I got a smile out of her. It took a gummy candy bribe but I got a smile out of her. We do what we have to do.

I suppose I can live with a little bit of Fall if it means we can enjoy this sweet little cardigan.  Just a little bit though. You hear that Old Man Winter? None of that frost or ice or the "s" word just yet. In fact, could you take this year off?
Ah well...


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