Friday, September 6, 2013

The Anywhere Dress

The Bug looked through my PDF patterns last week and settled on The Anywhere Dress to be made for her school photo dress. Then we flipped through the knit at Girl Charlee and she picked a couple that she liked. 

I'd be lying if I told you I agreed with her pattern and fabric choices. Go ahead and say it, I am a fool. I know it. I am hanging my head in shame.
The girl has a good eye for design and she knows what she likes. Whether I initially agree or not, I am learning that if i want her to wear the things that I make for her, I need to listen to her input. This dress is a case in point.

It's not that I didn't like the pattern or fabric (I wouldn't have purchased them it if that were the case) it's just that I thought a dress for school photos should have a little more pizazz. I know, I know . . . I'm a fool. . . this dress is not lacking in pizazz just because it's a simple style.
The dress went together well and was a really fast sew. I cut and sewed it all in a couple of hours over Labor Day weekend (amid constant interruption and distraction).  The fabric is a very light weight knit which made things a little harder, but not too bad. Ideally I'd have used a knit with a bit more substance. 
I really like the way the neckline on this dress is finished with a facing and not a binding. It was a really simple way to finish it and I think it looks quite professional.  The pattern warns that top stitching might cause the neckline to stretch but thankfully, mine didn't.
The three quarter length sleeves are finished with a simple cuff.  With as lightweight as this knit is, I probably should have just hemmed the sleeve but I really like the finished look of the cuff and I'm probably the only one who sees the stripe from the underside of the cuff showing through.

In the end, I really like this dress.  I don't know if that will translate to being more willing to follow the Bug's direction in the future or not.  It's such a difficult balance since sometimes I feel like too much outside input takes the fun and creativity out of a project for me.  But in the end, it's more fun to see the things I've sewn be worn and loved really.  And if I'm itching to do it my way, I have a brand new niece who has a few years before she develops her own fashion sense! Hooray for babies!


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