Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jeggings. . . and all sorts of awkward photos. . .

The Bug loves jeggings and leggings. She pretty much lives in them in the cooler months. They are worn on their own or under skirts and dresses but rarely a day goes by she isn't wearing them.

So I was thrilled when I saw jegging knit at JoAnn's.  I thought about making a pair of skinny jeans with them, but instead opted for a very simple pair of Go To Leggings.
I'm loving them and so is she. Such a rare combination these days. Isn't her shirt super cute? She fell in love with it at H&M and for $5 I could hardly say no. It's probably a good thing we don't really live close to that store.
I can't explain this child other than she goes completely weird and awkward when I ask to take her photo. She is a mini me. As for the flip flops, it's going to be a sad sad day when they have to be retired for socks and more sturdy shoes. There may be a riot.

The Go To Leggings pattern is awesome, not just because it's well illustrated, clear and put together but also because it has so many options! I chose probably the most simple option for these jeggings but there are plenty of variations to keep me from getting bored with this pattern.
More awkward. . . and she's not even looking at the camera! Be normal girl!! O.k., maybe this IS normal. Sigh. . . That part is TOTALLY her dad's fault.

Another thing I like about this pattern is that it has a HUGE range of sizes--from 12 months to 12 years. As the Bug grows I'm noticing more and more of my favorite patterns only go up to 5T or 6. Since she's in a 6 now, that poses a problem! Either I need to get serious about learning pattern grading or she needs to stop growing! I'm guessing the later isn't going to happen, which is why I'm thrilled when I find a pattern like this one that has larger sizes. Probably by the time she is 12 she will either be sewing for herself (a mom can dream!) or totally disinterested in having me sew anything for her (more likely since we are already headed in that direction).

At any rate, it's a quick simple project with great results. As we head into Fall I see more of these variations becoming wardrobe staples.


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