Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kids Clothing Week Days 1 & 2

Kids Clothing Week Day One found me sick as a dog, hopped up on cold medicine and going to bed early but not falling asleep until 4 am.  Day Two? Feeling a bit better but still not to be trusted around a sewing machine.  So I glued.

The Bug asked to be a Monarch Butterfly for Halloween this year. Rather than leave well enough alone and just buy the girl some wings, I remembered a tutorial for Monarch wings that I'd seen on iCandy last fall. I couldn't get it out of my head so that's what I worked on last night, gluing all those little puzzle pieces of orange felt onto the black background of the wings.

She was so excited that after ballet and before bed she requested I take a photo and post it to "the facebook".  Dress and leggings are made by mom too.  Anywhere Dress pattern and GoTo Leggings... more details at a later date since those were sewn pre-KCW.
(my apologies for the fuzzy, out of frame photo but you get the gist, right?)

The wings still need sequins. I added a bit last night after the Bug went to bed but have miles to go. 10 yards of orange sequins doesn't go as far as you think it might.

Once the sequins are on, I need to figure out how exactly to work the structure of the wings. I'll glue the felt onto foam core once I've got them all embellished and the foam core will be attached to a back piece. . . it all seems rather complicated but I'm sure it will work out once I actually start doing it. Right?


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