Monday, November 4, 2013

Go To Signature Dress

Somehow the Bug is lacking in cold weather dresses.  Actually, not somehow, I know why because I see a dress in the store and I think "I could make that" and then I don't buy it. For some reason, that's my reaction to a dress 9 times out of 10 but not for shirts, pants, etc.

So church time comes and I realize she has no dresses to wear and this is a dress loving girl... the situation needed to be remedied. 
Enter the Go To Signature dress. I've made this pattern once before with not the greatest results. The Bug loved it but I did not (so I never blogged it).  I think it had more to do with the fabric I chose than the actual pattern. I like this stripe much better. It's one the Bug picked out herself from Girl Charlee. I was kind of surprised that she liked it because I love it!
I paired the wide, bold stripe up with a more subtle monochromatic stripe for the long sleeves, the elastic casing and the neck binding. I love the way the two stripes look together.
I chose the maxi dress length because if there is any way to 100% guarantee the Bug will like a dress, it is to make it long.  I also opted for the double sleeves, a cap sleeve with an elastic hem over a long sleeve. Though the fabric is a pretty lightweight knit, I think it will serve her well these cooler months.

The pattern calls for the elastic casing to be sewn on the inside of the garment, but I chose to move it to the outside. I like the way it breaks things up. It's barely noticeable in the photos but the stripes on the casing go vertically.  I love playing with stripes like that so I'm glad the fabric had decent 4 way stretch so I could.

I also added inset pockets because pockets are just awesome.
I boogered up that last pleat on the neckline, of course in the front. I didn't notice it until I was far enough along that it would have been a pain to rip out and do over. I still could I suppose. We'll see how much it bothers me.

She loves the dress, wonky pleat and all, so we are calling this a success.
This is a great pattern with tons of options and fairly easy to follow directions.  It is rare that I sew up more than one garment from any tutorial or pattern but so far, these "Go To" patterns are living up to their name. I've made two of these Signature Dresses, several pairs of Go To leggings and two Anywhere Dresses and I'm leaving the patterns out, not filing them away, because I foresee making more in the near future.


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