Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dolly and Me Gymnastics Leotards

You know it's nearing Christmas when there is much sewing and little blogging.  But here's a project that's safe to post.

A friend asked if I could make a leotard for an American Girl Bitty Twin doll.  My theory is, whenever possible, if doll clothes are sewn there should be a matching little girl outfit.
So I ventured onto Etsy in search of PDF patterns.  I am always amazed at the variety of things you can find there. 
While finding a leotard for a 15" doll proved difficult but I found one for the 18" dolls that I was able to adapt.  I added a bit to the sides of this Stacy and Stella pattern because the bitty babies are wider and shorter than the full sized AG dolls. 
I also didn't do the contrast panel and finished the neck and legs with fold over elastic.
It wound up being much easier than I'd expected. My sewing machine didn't try to eat the slinky knit fabric even once!
The big girl leotard was made from this pattern from Etsy seller TumblenTwirl.  I did view A which had no contrast panel.  The pattern was different from other PDF patterns I've used but once I figured out how everything worked it was really great. The instructions were pretty clear and there were plenty of tips for sewing with athletic fabrics and even how to embellish.
My fabric felt a bit thin to me so I opted to line the whole garment (well, not the sleeves) with swimsuit lining.  That part wasn't covered in the pattern instructions but it was a pretty easy adaptation.

I'm thinking a ballerina version of both of these is going to be in order post-Christmas for the Bug and her AG doll, Emily.
 I hope this sweet little gymnast will love these super star leotards come Christmas.


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