Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gift for a Special Teacher

The Bug had her last ballet class of the fall semester this week. Her teacher has just gone above and beyond for her so we thought a special thank you gift was in order.
Several months ago I bought some customizable cups on Pick Your Plum thinking they'd be handy for just such an occasion. Lily was thrilled and jumped at the chance to make a ballerina cup for Miss Ali.
She did such a lovely job!
I hope Miss Ali feels as special as she's made the Bug feel.
I'm not an affiliate for Pick Your Plum or anything, I just like their stuff and wanted to share. Teacher gifts can be hard and these make such a nice personalized one.  The deals change daily but right now they have these cups and some travel coffee mugs available at a super great price. Pick up a few and keep them on hand. You'll be glad you did! (Today is the last day for free shipping, guaranteed by Christmas, on orders of $25 and up so don't delay!)


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  1. I'm impressed with the drawing! I'm not so sure I would have done as well.