Saturday, January 25, 2014

Christmas bags for Mom

So I just found this blog post buried in my folder.
I made this reversible sling style purse for my mom for Christmas 2012. 
Unfortunately I don't remember anything about what pattern I used or what fabrics these are.
The strap ties with a cute knot on top.
Since it is reversible I didn't put in a whole lot of pockets, just one little zipper pocket.

How's that for a throwback post, huh? Better late than never.
And though I don't have great photos of the bag I made for my mom this year, I'm going to post them anyway so that I don't forget about this for another year.

Mom got a new laptop for her birthday back in October and heavily hinted that her eldest daughter could make her a laptop bag for Christmas.
 Forgive the messy bedroom, bad cell phone photos.  

This bag is made from the Spencer pattern from Swoon.  It was hard to find a laptop bag pattern! This was the only one I could find that was big enough but it was really cute so I went with it.

The fabric is a home decor weight that I found at  It was my second or third choice since the first fabric I chose came and was just all wrong texture and scale wise. But I like it.
 The piping detail really adds a professional, very finished look to the bag.
 This was the first, and possibly the last, Swoon pattern I have tried.  While I did eventually come out with a very professional looking bag, I found myself agonizing over the pattern and instructions from the get go.  It seemed incomplete in several places. I don't know if the problem was with me or with the pattern ultimately but it was an exercise in frustration. The worst part was trying to wrangle this bag through my machine.  There is a lot of stiff interfacing in this thing. It helps it maintain it's shape and hopefully will help the bag stand up to abuse but golly was it a pain.  I ended up hand sewing quite a few parts that the instructions said to sew on the machine because I just couldn't get it to work.

I hear lots of great feedback for Swoon Patterns in blog land and on facebook so perhaps this particular pattern was just not a good place to start?  Maybe I will forget the pain, like with childbirth. We'll see. They do have a lot of really nice bag patterns that look very polished and professional.  How cute is this Stella Weekender?  Or Betty Bowler?
The lining is made from another find. It's kind of a sketchy gray chevron twill. I had a hard time deciding which of the two fabrics should be the outer and which the inner. I decided this one was probably too light in color for the outside of a bag and would get too dirty. But I do think it's super cute.

Ultimately, the bag turned out great and my mom loves it so the blood, sweat and tears were totally worth it.  I just won't be taking special orders!


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