Monday, February 3, 2014

Gifts from the Bug

I still have a few Christmas gift posts if that's o.k.  This extra cold and snowy weather has just left me lacking focus and the desire to blog. But I can't let these sweet gifts go without sharing.

I always like to have Lily make a few Christmas gifts for people because I think there is great joy in giving homemade. I wish I could do more of it and I want her to see the value in giving of your time and talents.

So this year, we got our hands on some Stained by Sharpie fabric markers.  We found ours at Target but you can get them on Amazon or probably in most big box or craft stores.
She did a little sewing and a little drawing and came up with several really unique gifts for special people in our family.
She made a bicycle ornament for her Uncle who loves cycling.
Look how proud and excited she is for Grandpa to open his gift!
She made him a pillow with a picture of him at his drum set.  I love the drum set. . . all the detail of it. . . all just from her head, she wasn't looking at a picture or anything.
We found the Sharpies were much easier to use than other fabric markers we've tried.  I'm not sure how they will hold up to washing.  They are supposed to be washable though. Time will tell if they fade or bleed I guess.

For one of the last gifts she made festive tea towels.  First she drew a scene on paper, then I traced it onto the towel in black.  Once it was traced, she went back in and colored them.
They turned out so cute I can hardly handle it. I wish I'd thought to have her make one for me! Maybe next year.


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