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In the Shadow of Jezebel Scavenger Hunt Blog Hop

I don't often (o.k. ever) do things like this since this is primarily a sewing blog, but when the opportunity came along to take part in this blog hop/scavenger hunt to help promote Mesu Andrews' new book, In the Shadow of Jezebel, I knew I wanted to be part of it.

Mesu and I met when my husband was called to be the youth minister in the small town in Northern Indiana where we currently live. Her husband was the Associate Pastor at the time.  Mesu welcomed me with open arms, in a way no one else really did.  In the first few months after moving, Mesu took the time to show me how to get to Target, JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby.  I am eternally grateful (and lighter in the wallet).  Is that enough of a sewing tie in?? Whether it is or it isn't, I hope you will play along.

We are having a scavenger hunt! Wanna play? Read the rules and then jump right in!
Somewhere in my review below, there is a single word that is in BOLD AND ALL CAPITALS. Write it down. Then, go to the other stops to find more hidden words. Once you have all the words, unscramble them to find a verse from the Scriptures. You can enter it into the Rafflecopter on any of the stops to have a chance to win a great prize from Mesu herself!
In the Shadow of Jezebel
Scavenger Hunt Blog Hop March 1-4

About the Book

Title: In the Shadow of Jezebel
Author: Mesu Andrews
Publication Date: March 4, 2014
Publisher: Revell
Print Length: 417 pages
Summary (Amazon):
Princess Jehosheba wants nothing more than to please the harsh and demanding Queen Athaliah, daughter of the notorious Queen Jezebel. Her work as a priestess in the temple of Baal seems to do the trick. But when a mysterious letter from the dead prophet Elijah predicts doom for the royal household, Jehosheba realizes that the dark arts she practices reach beyond the realm of earthly governments. To further Athaliah and Jezebel's strategies, she is forced to marry Yahweh's high priest and enters the unfamiliar world of Yahweh's temple. Can her new husband show her the truth and love she craves? And can Jehosheba overcome her fear and save the family--and the nation--she loves? With deft skill, Mesu Andrews brings Old Testament passages to life, revealing a fascinating story of the power of unconditional love.


In the Shadow of
Jezebel book cover
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My Review of this Book

Confession: I have never loved reading the Old Testament. History is not my thing and it's always kind of seemed like a dry old history book.

I love reading people's stories though.

Mesu's books bring life to the Old Testament.  She has a gift for story telling that accentuates what is already there by engaging the imagination.  She paints beautiful, detailed pictures of Biblical lives and times that make me want to dig into the Old Testament Scriptures and remind me of the beauty and wonder that is within.  

God worked and spoke In Old Testament times too, in different ways, but in ways NO less beautiful or miraculous.

I am always impressed by the extensive research Mesu obviously does for each book.  I've read all of Mesu's books voraciously cover to cover.  In the Shadow of Jezebel is no different.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and once I did I could not put it down.

We all need to be reminded how much God loves us and how He gently pursues us.  We need to remember the strength we have in and through Him to be people of destiny, to change the landscape of the world we live in.  We need to remember that our past doesn't define us, God's grace does.

The Buzz - Praise for Mesu Andrews' Biblical Fiction

"Mesu Andrews has pieced together Scripture's truths with historical supposition through her masterful, research-based writing and captured the spiritual climate of those ancient days."--CBA Retailers+Resources on Love in a Broken Vessel "Andrews weaves a beautiful tale and takes readers to an ancient Jerusalem rich with history and customs and a culture that struggles to follow the one true God."--RT Book Reviews, 4½ stars, on Love's Sacred Song

About The Author

Author Mesu AndrewsMesu Andrews is the award-winning author of Love Amid the Ashes, Love's Sacred Song, and Love in a Broken Vessel. Winner of the 2012 ECPA Christian Book Award for New Author, she has devoted herself to passionate and intense study of Scripture, bringing the biblical world vividly alive for her readers. She lives in Washington.

Mesu's Website * Facebook * Twitter * Goodreads

Stops on the Scavenger Hunt

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