Monday, March 17, 2014

New Sewing Space!

You may not have noticed, but I haven't sewn much in 2014.  I've had a bit of a creative block I guess. It was post Christmas exhaustion paired up with a healthy dose of the blues over the fact that The Bug is getting to be harder and harder to sew for. And the snow. Heaven help us the snow put me in a funk unlike any other funk. AND quite frankly, the sewing room had gotten way beyond out of control. 

We had similar "out of control" issues in the downstairs "play room".  Both spaces needed a major clean up and purge because neither were functioning for us any more.  But more than a tidying up that was needed.  The Bug is growing up you see. Despite my denial of it.  She never played in the downstairs playroom anymore. She always played upstairs in her room where she has "privacy" (she is only 6... going on 16). And my upstairs sewing space, which was once a nice spot to work while waiting on Baby Bug to fall asleep was now feeling really far removed from the living space.
So we switched the two spaces!
They are approximately the same size rooms but it was a challenge to get everything to fit in a way that was functional. I'm loving it so far though.
My work table is a family heirloom. You can't see it here because it's buried in fabric but it has such a neat texture and personality from years of use. I usually have my cutting mat and ruler up here. The blue basket holds scraps, the trays hold WIP's and the wicker basket hold scissors, rotary cutters and other little things that come in handy when cutting.
I've "hidden" all kinds of stuff under the table. There's fabric paints and interfacing in the two bigger blue bins. The stacking bins hold trims, elastic, bias tape, zippers, etc.
I've got this old microwave cart set up as my ironing station. Underneath, the shelves hold my knit, wool, corduroy, fleece and laminated fabric. The three drawer unit holds scraps. It needs to be purged because it's out of control. Baby steps though.

On top there you see my thread. I could probably use another of those holders, huh?

The little blue metal bucket holds fabric markers and chalk. The hoops on the wall were just sort of half hazardly flung there to use some nails that were there from old art work. I may add some more into the mix. I kind of like the effect.
Around the corner is my sewing desk.  The chair is the one I remember sitting at my grandma's sewing machine. I made a little cushion for the seat to make it a bit more comfortable.

My batting and fiberfill are in a big bin that is tucked back in the corner. It's not pretty but it's fairly well hidden back there.

 The top shelf of the desk holds some office supplies and some tins with vintage pattern covers printed on them that hold my old 4-H project patterns. Up on the white shelf there are several antique sewing notions that I've collected over the years.  The "Sew Door Key" art on the wall is temporarily hanging out on an existing nail. It will move eventually.

The sewing basket was from my Grandma when I first started sewing. The blue file box holds more WIP. It used to hold my pdf pattern collection but it's outgrown that little bin and now resides in a file cabinet in the closet. There are some side shelves on the desk that house my button jars and some other random things.
This cart will eventually be replaced with something a little nicer looking but it works for now. It holds all kinds of little things and craft supplies. There's velcro, D-rings, glitter, magnets, clasps, embroidery floss, buttons to be covered, glue guns... Everything miscellaneous lives here.

It's all organized in little plastic drawer organizers that I picked up at the Dollar Store. The under the table bins and the blue metal buckets were all purchased at the Dollar Store as well.
These built in bookshelves have enough room for all of my sewing and crafting books with a little room to spare!
And the bottom shelves hold the rest of my fabric stash.  I weeded out three garbage bags full to donate. It was painful, but necessary and in the end, it felt good. We took the fabric to a thrift store here that has a fabric section. It helped me to know my fabric would be going to others who have a similar appreciation/obsession.

I made the curtain to hide the fabric shelves. They are organized now but they might not always be! The fabric was something I ordered from that didn't quite work for the project I intended it for but is absolutely perfect for this. (It looks like it's no longer available! Boo) I slipped it onto a tension rod for a very simple, pretty little curtain.

As soon as everything got set up I sat down to sew. I've sewn more in the last week or two than I did in the last two month.  I like being able to do a little work here and a little there as I have time during the day. And it's nice to at least occupy the same general space as my husband in the evenings. It makes me feel like we are hanging out even if we are each working on our own things.

It was so much work, but definitely time well spent.


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