Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Into Art!

This is a busy week for me at my real job. 
I'm one of the coordinators for a big library fundraiser called Spring Into Art.  It's a great little art show with lots of stuff for the kids and bunches of free workshops where you can try your hand at making real art.

The Bug loves Spring Into Art. She looks forward to it every year and she takes sweet pride in the fact that Mommy helps plan the event.
I'm glad it's something she enjoys since it takes a lot of time and I'll be working odd hours this week because of it.
This year, she asked me if she could have a Spring Into Art tee shirt. 
We don't have kid sized shirts because the shirts have only been for staff and volunteers in the past. 
But she wanted to represent and that my my heart happy. So.....
I cut up one of my old shirts that after a few years of wear had shrunk up a little funny and was no longer comfortable for me.  I used a tee shirt of the Bug's that fit her well and cut around it, leaving a fairly generous seam allowance and then I reassembled the shirt--in miniature.
This was a really quick project. I used the existing sleeve hems and I reused the ribbing on the collar. I didn't bother with a bottom hem since it's knit and won't fray. If it starts to look sloppy after a while I can always put a hem in.

And there you have it, a simple little project that made Momma and Daughter ridiculously happy.

If you aren't busy this weekend, think about checking out Spring Into Art


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