Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby Quilt

I made a quilt!
It's a small baby quilt, just 36" x 44" or something like that. I could get used to making quilts this size.
The design was based off this Around the World quilt.  Colors were chosen to go with baby boy's room and simply because I like the way they look together.

I have never been much one for baby-ish things so I love how graphic and modern this looks. Not a pastel duckie in sight!
Construction was pretty simple. I cut 2.5" strips width of the fabric and worked from the center piece out, log cabin style. I used my 1/4" foot for the first time and glory hallelujah it is a gift straight from Heaven.
I played around a little bit with some quilting options but in the end I used my walking foot to stitch in the ditch (or close to the ditch--it's a skill I could use practice on). I usually love the look of heavy, very obvious quilting but for this graphic quilt top, I didn't want anything marring the impact of the simple lines of color.

I used a fusible bamboo batting in between. I love bamboo batting and fusible rocks my world because I am no good with quilt basting.  The photo here is the quilt unwashed so those weird ripply wrinkles should go away after a wash or two.

Binding is lovingly hand sewn.  I thought at first that I'd leave a bit of the binding showing on the front of the quilt but I ended up preferring it turned back to the back completely.

I do enjoy a good hand sewing project every now and then. I did this during an episode of The Following or maybe it was Blacklist... I don't remember, but the point is, small quilt=hand sewn binding in one hour. Happy seamstress.
Fabrics used are all Kona Cotton Solids purchased site unseen from I live on the edge like that you know?

I'm quite pleased with the graphic impact of this.  I learned a lot and tried some new things that I'm excited to try when I finally finish a certain housewarming quilt now three years in the making...

Welcome Baby Bennett!!
May you feel wrapped up in love and prayers when you use this little quilt.  You are a gift.