Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Willow & Company--Aster Cardigan Pattern Test

I had a chance to test a second pattern in the Wanderlust Collection by Willow & Co, the Aster Cardigan.
Willow & Co. is a collaboration of several different PDF pattern designers who are working together to put together this collection. The Aster Cardigan was designed by Vanessa of LBG Studio.  
The Bug was in no mood to model and this was one of the most ill fated photo shoots ever but we managed to snap a few pictures to give you an idea of the fit and style.
The Aster is a sweet little cropped cardi with a bit of a retro vibe.  It has a really nice swing and drape to it.  It has two collar options, a regular Peter Pan collar (which I made) or one with faux piping.  The sleeve are 3/4 length which makes this a really nice cardigan to carry us into summer.  I made the size 8 so hopefully it will still fit in a few months to carry us OUT of summer and into autumn... but I don't want to think about autumn right now, ok?
Vintage buttons are from Grandma's button jar.
Check out that stripe matching across the front (pats self on back)! The side seams are pretty darn well matched too (humbly takes a bow).

I did a quick running stitch with some pink embroidery floss around the Peter Pan collar just to accent it and tie it in to the body of the cardigan.
My fabric is a midweight terry knit with the most bizarre slight diagonal stripe to it. I found this in a remnant bin and totally thought it was a horizontal stripe until I went to cut and saw the way the grain and the stretch went.  I don't love the diagonal from the back, had this not been a pattern test I would have cut the back piece in half and made a chevron.  I think it ends up looking like I cut the pattern pieces wrong but I promise I did not!

Things you can't see... the collar is nicely finished inside with a contrasting binding.  There is nothing I hate more than visible seams in a handmade garment. The binding makes things look neat and tidy.  Also, the placket is very nicely interfaced and finished.  This garment should stand the test of time.
Despite the awkward smile and hands, the Bug love this little cardigan. One never really knows with her but I think this might get a good deal of wear.  She likes to layer so a good cardigan is essential.

As for the pattern itself... this was one of the best patterns I've tested for the ease and accuracy.  I have purchased finished patterns that have more typos and less helpful instructions so I'm sure once Vanessa puts the finishing touches on things this pattern will be top notch.
The patterns in the Wanderlust Collection will release on Tuesday, April 22nd so get your copy then at willowandcopatterns.com



  1. I just love this!! I love the added detail on the collar and I love the vintage buttons. I have a box of buttons from my great-grandmother and love when I can incorporate some into a project.