Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Sidekick Suitcase

Is it possible to be in love with a suitcase?
Because I think I am.

This sweet little suitcase was made from the Sidekick Suitcase pattern from Sew Fearless.
The Bug directed her own photo shoot for this one. Can you tell? She was very "in character".  That darn train is late and she has places to be!
I was a bit nervous starting this bag. I knew it was going to be labor intensive and potentially tear inducing.  But it was cute enough I thought it was worth any potential strain. 

I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't break a single needle or shed a single tear.  I worked on this bag for a total of about 6 hrs. over the course of a weekend. That's start to finish from pattern and fabric cutting to the final finishing stitches.
The pattern tutorial was written like no pattern tutorial I've seen before, in comic book style. It took a while for my very linear brain to adapt to the creative approach but the content of the tutorial was so thorough and well done that by the end it didn't matter in the slightest how it was formatted.  She walks you through the difficult part and truly does make this a "Sew Fearless" project.
The main exterior fabric is an amazing twill I found at the tail end of a super frustrating trip to JoAnns.  I was calling into question the wisdom of their fabric buyer but when I came across this all was forgiven.  
It doesn't hurt that it was on sale.  Hello beautiful.

The orange patches and handle are made from a quilting cotton also found at JoAnns.  I used green zippers and piping around the edges.  I really love all of the fun colors and how this pops!
The lining is a blue chevron quilting cotton that the lady at JoAnn's said "everybody wants".  Welcome to Northern Indiana chevron trend... we are so on top of things around here.

The sides of the bottom of the bag are stiffened with some heavy Pellon interfacing that is attached to plastic canvas (yes the rug hooking stuff) inside of a casing.  Slipping that stiffener through the casing was the hardest part of the whole bag. It's a super snug fit but it really does the trick to give the bag that suitcase shape.

I feel like I learned a lot making this suitcase. I love that. It was a challenging and fun sew.
Tired of waiting on the train, our little traveler gives up and decides to take the bus instead.  Thankfully, her Sidekick Suitcase is versatile, easy to carry and game to go where ever she may go.


P.S. The suitcase took it's first trip this past weekend and it held up wonderfully!
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  1. the inside is just as adorable!!! love the stretchy pocket too.

  2. Oh this is lovely, what a lucky little traveler! :-)