Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Batgirrrl, Batgirl!

Batgirrrl, Batgirl!
Batgirrrl, Batgirl!
The Bug has been requesting a Batgirl Halloween costume for about three years. For two of those years, I was able to talk her out of it. This year I decided to go for it.

She specifically requested a "real" Batgirl which meant no tutu to soften things up.
 Her cape was made from one of daddy's old tee shirts. I cut off the front of the shirt, leaving the neck binding for her to slip over her head. None of the edges are finished since knit won't fray. This was a super easy way to make a cape.
 She had a lot of fun with this photo shoot--pretending to fly and fight crime is right up her alley.
 I used a leotard pattern from Mountain Ash that I've sewn up several times now. It's surprisingly a quick and easy sew if you are comfortable with knits. The pants are the Go To Leggings pattern--also a very very quick and easy sew.
 The fabric is a silvery knit that I ordered from It didn't work for the project I intended it for but it works well for this application.
All of the accessories were made from felt. She requested a pink mask so I made the belt buckle bat pink too to help tie it in.

She loves it. I love that she loves it.

We are both excited for Trick or Treat!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Little Betty Top

I recently acquired the Little Betty top pattern from SewPony Vintage.
It's one of those patterns I know the Bug would have loved about 3 years ago.
She is 7 now and usually ruffles are not approved.
I was taking a risk but I wanted to see if I could make the ruffles grown up enough that she'd be into it.  The top was interesting to me, I'd never made anything like it so I wanted to give it a try. 

Forgive the squirrely hair. It was a crazy windy day and keeping it out of her face and looking neat was near impossible.
 So as to give it the best chance for success I used this nice buttery knit from Eurogirls in two of her favorite colors.
I'm not sure why the button in the back since it's knit I don't think it really needed it, but it sure is cute.  My loop could be a bit smaller, eh? I'm just now noticing that.
She says she likes it. So far, she has worn it a grand total of one time. For this photo shoot.  So I don't know that I'd count that a smashing success but it was fun to sew and I think it's super cute.
It's a nice addition to the Fall wardrobe... if you girl is less ruffle adverse.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Etage Pattern Test

I had a chance to test the Etage Dress and Top PDF pattern by Sew Straight and Gather.
Now that the pattern has released I can blog about it!
This top was a bit more involved of a project than I usually do for the Bug. Typically she likes simple, simple, simple and comfortable. But I thought perhaps this style with the tiered swirly ruffles might do the trick.  It is knit after all and very comfy.
This top was made from the first tester version of the pattern. Some of the angles have been changed but the essence is still the same.
The pattern itself is very well written.
If you sew with PDF patterns, you really should do at least one pattern test for a designer if only to appreciate the process they go through to make sure everything about their design and tutorial are perfect.  This pattern is no exception. It went through several pattern revisions and few different layouts before being good to go.
She says the shirt is very comfortable.  I think that's due in part to the fabric. These are lovely mid-weight knits I bought from EuroGirls Boutique. It was my first purchase from them but it will not be my last. The knit is such high quality, so soft and easy to sew with.

That said, I think personally, I would have preferred this particular top done in a knit with a bit less weight and perhaps more of a solid color. I really loved some of the other tester photos that made theirs of up-cycled tee shirts.  The ruffles seemed to lay a bit better.  After I took these  photos, I trimmed off my hems and left them all raw. That helped a bit.  All one color would be nice too. This is a bit busy for my liking. With those tweaks I think this would really be a fun top or dress.

As always, I'm so thankful for the opportunity to test.  I love trying new things and new designers and testing gives me the chance to do that. Not to mention learning from all of the other pattern testers. Some of those ladies are pretty amazing.

So go get your Etage top or dress pattern. I can see some adorable (and comfortable!) holiday outfits coming from this pattern!