About Us

We're two sisters who grew up sewing for 4-H and have rediscovered sewing for fun.

Michelle is the little sister. She is a mild mannered wife, cat momma and accountant by day, sewing from her hip Chicago townhouse by night. She has a thing for aprons and is having fun building up her fabric stash.

Lindsay is the big sister. Working from the middle of nowhere Northern Indiana, she is married with a sweet, sassy little girl who inspired her to dust off her sewing machine after years of neglect. Her fabric stash is embarrassingly large.

If something you see here is interesting to you, e-mail us -- 402CenterStreet(at)gmail(dot)com! We love to take custom orders!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Thank you for the pillow case directions...I'm dusting off my machine and hope to sew for the first time in two decades! And I also want to make dresses for girls in Africa. Thank you for the simple, excellent directions.

  2. I am desperately looking for someone to make the muslin hanger covers approximately 250 to 300 dress hangers and 150 skirt hangers, do u make for others? email warren.barbara7@gmail.com

    1. I do not make the muslin hangers for others, no. I'm sorry!